How Funny Coherence Is

I’ve decided to kick off my blog with a piece about Berlusconi, the best Italian prime minister over the last 150 years. (the figure was gently offered by the prime Minister himself).

The  psycho-midget (don’t panic: you’ll get used to this kind of macaronic expressions very soon)  is a little rascal. I can’t figure out an international meeting without him being reproached by the Queen or any sort of official ceremony without one of his hilarious jokes.

Berlusconi’s humor is sharp and sophisticated, apt to any occasion. If you have run out of jokes then you can count on the Prime Minister’s archive, a legacy to be preserved  for the little rascals of the future, a patrimony to be institutionalized.

Thus, I’m not dealing with  Berlusconi’s joke about Jews, that’s boring stuff. He told us plenty of them and trust me,  he can do much better.  I’m talking about the blasphemous one. That’s a good one.

Nobody can doubt it was a good one. Only the Vatican didn’t catch the subtle humour behind it. Anyway, it was definetly a good one, as almost all my friends on Facebook posted it. Those who perceived the purest essence inherent to Berlusconi’s “Orco Dio”, a delightful substitute of the well known “Porco Dio” (God Pig), didn’t economize with smiles and tags.

However, not all of them showed to own the folk Italian attitude embodied by their Prime Minister.  Berlusconi’s reply to the insurgent communists haunting facebook was firm and speedily posted on his facebook notice-board: “Coherence  can’t be a negotiable value, Orco Dio” .


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I'm a BA Journalism and Sociology student at City University London. I was born in Padova, Italy.I cover Italian politics and society from the angle of an Italian part-time exile. You can find me on the Huffington Post UK. View all posts by Ruggero Galtarossa

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