Mr Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga: A State Affair

A leopard can’t change its spots. And Mr Berlusconi’s skin is richly adorned with thousands of spots. However, pushing aside wrinkles blossomed after years of hard work carried out for Italians’ sake, you’ll come across a couple of twin-spots. If your glance is dimmed by Communism (Mr B.’s equivalent for half the Italian population) or brutalized by “justitialism” (Mr B.’s equivalent for legality) you will clearly find out they make up two B’s. However, they don’t stand for Bunga Bunga, as Berlusconi himself is pretending. Those two gracious spots stand for Bunga Blackmail.

What I would like to clarify here is why Italians are authorized to explore Berlusconi’s skin. The Italian people have rather the duty to look at their Prime Minister’s sexual habits, as long as Mr B.’s bed remains an institution in its own right, concealed to Italians but ruling over them.

We are not concerned with Berlusconi’s sexual life itself. We don’t want to be concerned with Mr B. playing Bunga Bunga, maybe a sort of erotic rite learned from Gheddafi’s wisdom, as the well-known Ruby has declared. We don’t want to be concerned with this stuff even though we’d like to, as we tend to become easily moralist when it comes to attack our foes.

However, we don’t want to be concerned with the story of Ruby only because of the offences Berlusconi and his mates (among them we notice Emilio Fede, TG4 director)  might have committed. The story is extremely controversial and complicated. Ruby herself didn’t give a coherent and clear depiction of the facts.

Therefore, we do have to be concerned with what happens within our Prime Minister’s bedroom since this episode, the last of a long series,  has pointed the real nature of Berlusconi’s twin-spots: his inherent propensity to be blackmailed. Being surrounded by beautiful women doesn’t make him a man who knows how to enjoy life, as he finds worth claiming.  His bed has been rather for years a place of training for numerous wanna-be-something. The price Mr B. pays for his adventures tends to vary according to the aspiration of the woman he has slept with. Mr B’s favors range from jobs in his TV programs to jobs in his Party.

Can a man who is constantly blackmailed by hordes of women be independent and free? Can Italians permit their Prime Minister to be blackmailed by hordes of women? Of course they can, but only after calling for his resignation.

Until that day, please Italians, don’t get confused with the two B’s: read Bunga Blackmail and forget about Bunga Bunga.


About Ruggero Galtarossa

I'm a BA Journalism and Sociology student at City University London. I was born in Padova, Italy.I cover Italian politics and society from the angle of an Italian part-time exile. You can find me on the Huffington Post UK. View all posts by Ruggero Galtarossa

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