Italian Republic for Sale

Last 14-december confidence vote was an exceptional breakthrough for Berlusconi’s private life but only a new reason for shame for Italy. A private victory for Il Cavaliere, a new episode Italians should feel outraged by.

The disgusting compravendita of MPs Berlusconi carried out over the last month will not ensure him to rule in the future, but only to rely more and more on new purchases of easily corruptible politicians. A new episode of Bunga Blackmail: the Italian PM will have to face the demands of a new bunch of part-time politicians (or blackmailers).

Berlusconi’s victory was a Pyrrhic one, as he fought a battle only for the sake of winning. It seems that he saw the vote as a personal duel with his ex-ally Gianfranco Fini, who had presented the no-confidence-vote proposal a month before, after splitting from Berlusconi’s party.

But the main reason why Berlusconi has struggled so much to remain Prime Minister (eventually relying on a 3-vote victory) is that resignation would mean the end of his juridical immunity. “Berlusconi wants to stay in power only to avoid the courts.” Fini said.

Therefore Berlusconi faced the vote without looking beyond the vote itself. Indeed, he managed to take over opposition forces only by means of creating new ones.  Berlusconi’s victory eventually clarified the role of Fini’s FLI and of UDC as opposition parties.

What is then the political meaning of the confidence vote and its consequences on the civil society?

Berlusconi’s victory represents at the same time the apex and the decadent end of Berlusconism. Today we’re experiencing the apex of a corrupt phenomenon that has been haunting Italy for 16 years.  Berlusconi’s compravendita is the symbol of a ruling class with no ideals but many personal interests.

On the other hand the vote ended up showing the decadence of this system. Berlusconi has now to face a critical scenario, having no more chances to create alliances with other parties. A third coalition (FLI, UDC and API) is indeed likely to be founded. Only singular purchases of MPs will allow Berlusconi to survive in the future. The specter of new elections is getting closer.

The meaning of the confidence vote for the civil society assumes an appalling acceptation. It’s indeed the symbol of a divided Italy. On one side, within the Parliament, a corrupt ruling class has forgotten the existence of a people outside Italian places of power. Outside, Italians feel they’ve been forgotten by politicians who are too distant from real life.

And a whole generation has unleashed its anger across the streets of Rome. Violence and resentment have seized the hearts of some of them.  But how can politicians claim the right to condemn these people, when they denied them the right to create their own future lives?

We need to get rid of this Italy. We, the youngsters, must rebel and build up a better country. Italian Republic for sale.


About Ruggero Galtarossa

I'm a BA Journalism and Sociology student at City University London. I was born in Padova, Italy.I cover Italian politics and society from the angle of an Italian part-time exile. You can find me on the Huffington Post UK. View all posts by Ruggero Galtarossa

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