Berlusconi loses immunity from prosecution

Mr. Berlusconi faces three trials as yesterday afternoon Italian Constitutional Court amended his “legitimate impediment” law that had granted him immunity from prosecution.

Yesterday’s Constitutional Court meeting stated that part of the law passed by Berlusconi’s government last April is unconstitutional.

As a consequence, immunity from prosecution granted to Berlusconi and his ministers until October was cancelled.

Mr. Berlusconi is defendant in three trials that had been paralyzed by the law passed by his government in April. However his  trials on bribery and tax fraud (Mills, Mediaset, and Mediatrade) are now likely to restart.

The so-called “legitimate impediment” had automatically allowed Berlusconi to not turn up at court. Now for each hearing the magistrate will have the power to decide whether Mr. Berlusconi’s impediment is legitimate or not.

The “legitimate impediment” would have protected Mr. Berlusconi only until October. Indeed the law had to anticipate a constitutional law that would have granted absolute immunity for the Italian PM and his ministers.

However clashes within Mr. Berlusconi’s party and sex scandals prevented the government from passing the constitutional law.

Last Wednesday Mr. Berlusconi had declared he wasn’t interested in the Court’s vote as he wouldn’t fear his trials.

Mr. Berlusconi’s confidence seems unmotivated as his trials are anything but meaningless.

Early elections may be the only way to get away with it.


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I'm a BA Journalism and Sociology student at City University London. I was born in Padova, Italy.I cover Italian politics and society from the angle of an Italian part-time exile. You can find me on the Huffington Post UK. View all posts by Ruggero Galtarossa

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