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Berlusconi Did Screw Europe

What is happening in Italy?”, the Guardian journalist John Foot asked himself in a great piece. Nothing new, I would say. While France and Germany are struggling to find a solution for the international economic crisis, Italy confirms itself as a millstone around the European Union’s neck because of its politicians’ incompetence.

The austerity measures passed by Berlusconi’s government in July didn’t satisfy the European Central Bank.  Most of the cuts were planned to come into force only in 2013, which is the year when Berlusconi’s government ceases to exist:  too late for Italy and Europe.  Despite Berlusconi’s claims (until last July he had been denying the existence of the international economic crisis) Italy’s economy is terribly weak and the markets know it. Last week the European Central Bank bought a part of the Italian debt (22 billion euros) but nothing lasts forever: Italy’s markets continue falling and the country is closer than ever to default. Continue reading


Italians resist for their constitution

Protests in London - Pizza Politics - click on the picture to see other photos of the protests

After success of pro-women manifestation Se non ora quando?”, one million Italians took the streets to protest in favour of the  Italian Constitution last Saturday.

According to Articolo 21 website, which promoted the event, about one million Italians in 100 Italian cities and abroad protested against the way in which Berlusconi’s government is threatening the Italian Constitution (see London’s protests photos). Continue reading

Italy falling with Gaddafi

Berlusconi and Gaddafi - Wikimedia Commons

In a moment when the whole West was calling for sanctions against Gaddafi’s regime, Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi finally took a position yesterday, saying that “Europe and the West can’t be spectators anymore”.

After calling Libya conditions a “threat for our economy and security”, Berlusconi said yesterday in a statement that “Gaddafi has lost control of the situation” and that Italy could be ready for sanctions against Libya. However, the only spectator in the European scenario over the last week had been Berlusconi himself, who last Tuesday said that the situation was under control as “the people of Libya are granting stability and national security”. Continue reading

Italians in London call for Berlusconi’s resignation

Protesters moving toward the Italian Embassy - click on the image to see other photos of the protests

London – More than 400 hundred Italians met this afternoon at Richmond Terrace to take part in the anti-Berlusconi demonstration “Wake up Italy” held by nonpolitical movement Popolo Viola London.

Italian protesters met at 2 pm in front of Downing Street to call for Berlusconi’s resignation. The demonstration was organized by nonpolitical movement Popolo Viola (Purple People) that had promoted the event via Facebook. Then massive procession of protesters shouting slogans such as “Berlusconi resign” and “Berlusconi out of Italy” moved through Trafalgar Square to the Italian Embassy based in Three Kings Yard. Continue reading

Ethereal Shadows – Communications and Power in Contemporary Italy

Ethereal Shadows cover - Pizza Politics

There was a time when the State controlled Italian TV and private companies had no say in it. Then liberal reforms came and apparently in a fit of absence of mind, TV monopoly shifted from the public to the private sphere. But  why such an accumulation of media in one’s hands? In other words, how did Berlusconi manage to establish his media regime? Also, what the scenario of Italian media in the future? These and other questions find an answer in Ethereal Shadows, an outstanding study of the Italian media and an extraordinary effort to find a way out to a desolating situation that has no equal in the whole civilized world. Continue reading

Berlusconi Back on Trial

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi - Wikimedia Commons

Silvio Berlusconi is back on trial as yesterday afternoon Milan’s court announced restart of a fraud trial that had been suspended last April.

Mr Berlusconi is accused of fraud  in a trial concerning illegal purchase of TV rights by his family’s  company Mediaset. The first session is scheduled for 28 February.

According to prosecutors, Berlusconi’s company has illegally purchased TV rights from the USA. Financial transactions were carried out through several off-shore companies controlled by Mr Berlusconi. Continue reading

The Missing Facts

After success of The Missing Past and The Missing Judicial Immunity, a classic was back to Italian screens last Monday night. The Missing Facts, the thrilling adventure of an evil genius and his attempts to turn reality into a media show,  would be an hilarious story if it wasn’t  about  last Silvio Berlusconi’s TV stunt.

Last Monday Mr Berlusconi phoned TV programme L’Infedele after host Gad Lerner covered PM’s sex scandal. Berlusconi  violently attacked Lerner (he said the programme had been “disgusting” and conducted in a “repellent and abhorrent way”)  and after a two-minute monologue he ended up calling the programme an “unbelievable TV brothel”. Continue reading

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