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Italians resist for their constitution

Protests in London - Pizza Politics - click on the picture to see other photos of the protests

After success of pro-women manifestation Se non ora quando?”, one million Italians took the streets to protest in favour of the  Italian Constitution last Saturday.

According to Articolo 21 website, which promoted the event, about one million Italians in 100 Italian cities and abroad protested against the way in which Berlusconi’s government is threatening the Italian Constitution (see London’s protests photos). Continue reading


Italians in London call for Berlusconi’s resignation

Protesters moving toward the Italian Embassy - click on the image to see other photos of the protests

London – More than 400 hundred Italians met this afternoon at Richmond Terrace to take part in the anti-Berlusconi demonstration “Wake up Italy” held by nonpolitical movement Popolo Viola London.

Italian protesters met at 2 pm in front of Downing Street to call for Berlusconi’s resignation. The demonstration was organized by nonpolitical movement Popolo Viola (Purple People) that had promoted the event via Facebook. Then massive procession of protesters shouting slogans such as “Berlusconi resign” and “Berlusconi out of Italy” moved through Trafalgar Square to the Italian Embassy based in Three Kings Yard. Continue reading

Berlusconi Back on Trial

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi - Wikimedia Commons

Silvio Berlusconi is back on trial as yesterday afternoon Milan’s court announced restart of a fraud trial that had been suspended last April.

Mr Berlusconi is accused of fraud  in a trial concerning illegal purchase of TV rights by his family’s  company Mediaset. The first session is scheduled for 28 February.

According to prosecutors, Berlusconi’s company has illegally purchased TV rights from the USA. Financial transactions were carried out through several off-shore companies controlled by Mr Berlusconi. Continue reading

Berlusconi loses immunity from prosecution

Mr. Berlusconi faces three trials as yesterday afternoon Italian Constitutional Court amended his “legitimate impediment” law that had granted him immunity from prosecution.

Yesterday’s Constitutional Court meeting stated that part of the law passed by Berlusconi’s government last April is unconstitutional.

As a consequence, immunity from prosecution granted to Berlusconi and his ministers until October was cancelled.

Mr. Berlusconi is defendant in three trials that had been paralyzed by the law passed by his government in April. However his  trials on bribery and tax fraud (Mills, Mediaset, and Mediatrade) are now likely to restart. Continue reading

Berlusconi’s Film Empire

Silvio Berlusconi, media mogul and occasionally Italian PM, has been recently proclaimed emperor of the Italian Republic after a 100 million investment ensured him more than a fifth of  the Italian cinema market.

At the end of December Berlusconi’s company The Space acquired multiplex-chain Cinecity with a 100-milion investment. The company now covers a large portion of the Italian peninsula thanks to a 34-cinema structure. The business is  worth 200 million euros and makes up 21% of the Italian cinema market.

Though Berlusconi is the minority shareholder of The Space (49 %), last December’s investment plays a fundamental role in his film empire. Indeed Mr Berlusconi controls a great deal of the production and distribution market in Italy, by means of Medusa company. His control of the Italian media seems now complete.

How can the man who produces and distributes films be the same man who owns cinemas? Berlusconi has not simply purchased a multiplex chain. He has rather purchased the right to choose which films Italians (the same Italians he’s supposed  to lead) are permitted to watch.

Julius Silvio, the thrilling story of a 21st-century dictator, coming soon to Italian screens.

Italian school freed from 700 Lega Nord symbols

Italian school haunted by 700 Lega Nord symbols was cleared up  yesterday morning after the Chancellor had called for removal of political presence in the building.

Teachers and janitors partially carried out the drainage operation  of the primary and secondary institute in Adro, a small village near Brescia.  The Alps Sun, Lega Nord Party symbol, covered the whole building: desks, chairs, bins, ashtrays and even not-to-trample-the-flower-beds cartels.

The  haunted school has been a deeply covered issue in Italy since its inauguration last September 11, when Adro Mayor and Lega Nord Oscar Lancini, showed the building to the public. The presence of the party was evident as the school was named Gianfranco Miglio, Lega Nord chief ideologue.

However, Lancini has always denied any attempt to get  politics into the school. The sun stuck on every wall of the building wouldn’t have been the Alps Sun but rather the historic symbol of the village. But numerous inhabitants said they had never seen the symbol in any historic building of the village.

Over the last month Lancini had to deal with hordes of journalists, angry parents and even warnings from the President of Republic Giorgio Napolitano. The Education Minister’s reaction was not immediate but she eventually asked Lancini to remove the symbols.

However, no measures were taken by the Mayor. The order had been ignored until yesterday, when the Chancellor decided the time for legality had come.

Continue reading

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