My name is Ruggero Galtarossa,as your tongue is struggling to pronounce my name you can understand I’m Italian. I’m a full-time student of Journalism and Sociology at City University London and a part-time exile.

I know an exile is just an exile since his condition is not questionable but I like to think my case is different. I like to think that one day I’ll be back to my country and be part of a new Renaissance, the rebirth of a culture that deserves better citizens and a better class of politicians.

However, Italy seems a long way away from that day of new glory. My country has indeed plummeted to the darkest period of its short life and unfortunately the future doesn’t look brighter than yesterday.

The reasons of this constant fall are innumerable. Over the last years historians, psychologists, sociologists, politics professors, journalists, have embraced a remarkable commitment, attempting to find out what doesn’t work in Italy. I have no right to criticize their work, as my young age can’t bring me to such a form of intellectual dishonesty.

However, what I can do is state the existence of a general confusion among foreign people when it comes to talk about Italy. And this can’t be blamed. How can the country which gave birth to Dante Alighieri, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, the country of the Renaissance and, why not, the country of pizza, be the same country where Fascism raised and then spread across Europe, the country of Mafia and masonry, the country whose Prime Minister conveys the spirit of both these two organizations?

Though I believe there’s not a fully satisfying answer, in this blog I’ll try to clarify Italian affairs, in order to allow answers to raise in my readers’ minds. I’ll be mainly concerned with Italian politics and society. In the early times I’ll handle a few pieces of news, being my life as a student really busy. I hope in the future I’ll manage to cover a larger number of issues.


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  • coldfire

    complimenti, davvero bel blog. Ho studiato anch’io a Londra per un po’ e apprezzo ancora di più l’impegno e lo sforzo che ci stai mettendo 😉

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