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Berlusconi’s Film Empire

Silvio Berlusconi, media mogul and occasionally Italian PM, has been recently proclaimed emperor of the Italian Republic after a 100 million investment ensured him more than a fifth of  the Italian cinema market.

At the end of December Berlusconi’s company The Space acquired multiplex-chain Cinecity with a 100-milion investment. The company now covers a large portion of the Italian peninsula thanks to a 34-cinema structure. The business is  worth 200 million euros and makes up 21% of the Italian cinema market.

Though Berlusconi is the minority shareholder of The Space (49 %), last December’s investment plays a fundamental role in his film empire. Indeed Mr Berlusconi controls a great deal of the production and distribution market in Italy, by means of Medusa company. His control of the Italian media seems now complete.

How can the man who produces and distributes films be the same man who owns cinemas? Berlusconi has not simply purchased a multiplex chain. He has rather purchased the right to choose which films Italians (the same Italians he’s supposed  to lead) are permitted to watch.

Julius Silvio, the thrilling story of a 21st-century dictator, coming soon to Italian screens.


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